July 2016 :  How was it?

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  • The course was a wonderful experience for me.
     After passing Part 2 Theory in June, I thought I should enrol for the course to get a flavour of MRCPCH Clinical which is there in my city. I was not sure  how it would be and whether I have to go here and there for other courses before the real  examination.
    But after the course with Team MRCPCH clinical I know I can pass the exam with proper practice.  Dr NDDG Kolkata July 2016
  • I am totally pleased to attend the MRCPCH clinical course this time. It was a memorable experience discussing clinical cases and videos with the MRCPCH team. It will be better if more videos are shown – examination of various systems and history taking and communication,  as visual learning keeps a permanent mark in the brain.  Dr SB Kolkata July 2016
  • Although i had to leave earlier unfortunately  i also enjoyed the course. Regarding feedback i would like to mention some points like:

    Venue : it would be better for participants if you select a single venue (preferably sanjibani hospital) where we can practice every station.   Food : quite well.

    video station: it was quite easier. i heard that it is one of the toughest station in real exam.
    communication : this was the weakest part of most of the participants – more emphasis. Other stations were good.
    Dr As . Dhaka, Bangladesh. 17 July 2016
  • This to happily inform you that I passed the last exams. I wish to thank  you for your support and the invaluable help of your resources – the book and the videos. I wish you the best in all your endeavors. Dr JCE 30 March 2016
  • I am pleased to inform you that I have passed my MRCPCH clinical exam with 110/120.  Dr SMH 24 Nov 2014
  • have passed my exam and I wanted to thank you for all your work. I believe that the course was very good and it helped a lot.  I am happy to get involved in the future with the course . I shall start working at Worthing in March. I am sure we will meet then. – 17 Nov 2014. Dr OA. UK
  • Thanks to the team at mrcpch clinical in worthing I passed the exam with a 106, over the moon thank you for your help and feedback! – 17 Nov 2014. Dr JB.Malta
  • Hope all is going well. FYI I passed 🙂 – 14 Aug 2014. Dr SM UK
  • With blessing of God I have passed my MRCPCH clinical exam and sir believe me it would not have been possible without your guidance and kind support. 22 July 2014. Dr NA. Pakistan
  • “With your efforts , guidance and the grace of the almighty i passed the MRCPCH clinical exam held at Dubai on 9 may. Score was 104. It am extremely thankful to all the faculty members. The course was very very helpful.” June 2014. Dr RS. Kuwait


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MRCPCH Written-FOP & TAS:  Information & Registration

Small training group for Skills development

Qualified, experienced and dedicated Paediatricians  from UK in our faculty

Customised courses for overseas candidates with no Paediatric experience in the UK

Practical practice under exam timing and condition with feedback

Continued online assistance available

Career Guidance and advice in UK

We provide learning: on-line, face to face in small groups and with our books.

The course is facilitated by experienced Doctors and Paediatric consultants. These courses are specially designed for overseas candidates with no Paediatric experience in the UK. Understanding of the training and Paediatric practices in the UK are essential for successfully completing the MRCPCH examination.

Our Online modules and tutorials offer opportunity to experience a wide range of common conditions, and teaches the best style of presenting for the examination. You can work in your own time and at your own pace.

MRCPCH clinicals  – is an established name in preparation for MRCPCH clinical Examination for over 10 years.

Under the leadership and guidance of Dr Anil Garg(FRCPCH, FRCPI, DCH, Dip. Educ., PG Cert. Medical Careers), MRCPCH Clinical is recognised for its focused integrated coaching, providing in depth Knowledge of medical subject preparing students to face the examination with ease and confidence attracting candidates from UK, middle east and far east.

We have Clinical course in Kolkata, India working with local paediatricians with previous UK experience.



We sincerely believe all candidates who have passed the MRCPCH written parts and are ready to take the clinical examination have also seen enough number of children in their paediatric practice.


Our aim and emphasis is to help candidates realize their full potential and get practice of performing under supervision with formative feed back, learning from each other by observation & being observed, improving their confidence and presentation skills.

Programme ….


Scenarios for Communication and Focused History and Management, check same competencies but are adopted by RCPCH to meet the local needs and services. We have cases from overseas


On-line tutorials are on:
Communication, Focused history & Management, Development and Clinical stations. They are set as per clinical STATIONS in MRCPCH Exam. You get the opportunity to observe and be the examiner.

Scenarios are based from UK and overseas clinical situations.

Tutorial – Traffic Light…….


The full videos on this site are best used with contents of MRCPCH Clinical Examination: A Practical Guide available at Amazon.co.uk where you will find relevant questions, answers and discussion.


The full videos on this site are best used with contents of MRCPCH Clinical Examination: A Practical Guide available at Amazon.co.uk where you will find relevant questions, answers and discussion.

Febrile infant …..

AG-for-FB-120205Dr Anil Garg
FRCPCH, FRCPI, DCH, Dip. Educ., PG Cert. Medical Careers

  • Consultant Paediatrician  – Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Honorary Consultant Paediatrician – Brighton Sussex University Hospitals
  • Honorary Consultant Paediatrician – Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital
  • Assoc. Clinical Professor: American Univ. Of Caribbean, St. Marteen

Director Paediatrics
Sanjiban Hospital


Consultant Paediatricianbrajra-ray1-268x300
Consultant Paediatricianpavitra-C2

Certified Paediatric Nephrologist (CCT Paediatric Nephrology, UK)
Fellowship Paediatric Nephrology (Canada)


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Clinical examination course: Kolkata - 2016
8th-9th-10th July
Mock exam on 10th July 2016

Note date : December 2016

We take a temporary break to work with RCPCH developing a MRCPCH Clinical Skills course to be introduced soon.

Real time examination simulation,Classes 4 structured formative feedback and Programme flexible to address any specific needs .

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